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How to Protect Your Facebook Account

Use of social media has become favorable among all the ages. Facebook being one of the social media websites, it has some advantages that come with it. Efficiency of an advertising a company’s products has been achieved. It is also less costly compared to the use of billboards and posters. It also promotes business growth because many people have access to it thus making it most favorable. Interaction of companies and their customers have also been promoted. News broadcasting has also been supported by the use of Facebook as a medium of transfer. Many stations have Facebook accounts where they interact with their viewers receiving comments which help them improve in their delivery of the news.

Communication has been influenced by the use of Facebook. Being a mode of communication, Facebook has made it easy to interact with friends who are located in a different location. Facebook is a great community where people share ideas and also ensure that they stay updated to what is happening in the rest of the world. Below are some of the factors to consider to ensure that your Facebook account is safe from fraudsters.

One should consider controlling the amount of information they post on Facebook. With a Facebook account that has all details about you attracts scammers who can use your information for reasons that best fit their interest. Number of people accessing your Facebook account should be controlled. The general public should be denied access to the information that you post instead one should consider limiting it to several friends who the know.

to increase your Facebook security one should consider the use of two-factor authentication. The most secure way to secure your Facebook account is by the use of the two-factor authentication. It offers you an extra step of security after keying in your Facebook password. Security code will be required to ensure that anyone who tries to access your Facebook account is locked out. With this feature you will easily get notified when someone else tries to change your password without your consent.

To ensure security of your Facebook account one should consider blocking some of the people who have access to your Facebook account. One should consider blocking only those who they do not know to ensure that they do not affect their friends. One should ensure that their privacy settings are set to friends only to ensure that the general public are locked out.

Custom settings are also a better way to ensure the security of your Facebook account. Use of custom settings will ensure that you control the number of people who view your posts. One should consider reducing the amount of information that is present to the public. With the above factors your Facebook security will be ensured.
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